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The Pursley Law Firm PLLC has a resource not commonly found in the world of litigated disputes. A Straus Institute trained, alternative dispute resolution attorney in Houston,Texas is offered by our firm. We believe that a properly negotiated settlement is a better outcome when all parties are pleased and agreeable to the resolution. Our training in the following areas give us an ability to work with unique avenues for resolving litigated disputes:

Negotiation - includes training for our clients to participate actively in the process. When a dispute will be ongoing, our services include providing training for the client, to better enable our clients to manage the negotiation on an ongoing basis, for an indefinite future. This training as a supplement to assisting in a particular dispute, whether litigated or otherwise, gives our clients an arsenal of resources to fall back on, in addition to the continued use of our firm.

Mediation - our clients will benefit from having counsel that has completed advanced training in the processes of mediation and counsel that knows how best to use the process of mediation for your benefit. With qualifications in mediated matters from coast to coast, we are well-equipped to guide you through the process. A mediation is in fact a type of structured negotiation. Negotiation is a specialty that we pride ourselves in taking to another, much higher and more sophisticated level, than is typically found. Many attorneys perceive mediation as an exercise that produces minimal results most of the time. The extent of planning that goes into mediation is often considered to be best served by taking a "hard-ball' approach. We advocate developing an approach that is custom tailored to meet the situation by first analyzing in depth what are the unique aspects of the dispute? What are the personality types? What are the underlying interests of each party and why? Mediation is a discipline requiring significant training, in order to properly represent a party as an advocate, or, to serve as a mediator to third parties. Our attorneys have undergone advanced training beyond law school and law practice, to effectively perform in both capacities.

Arbitration - an alternative to trial in which the parties to a dispute are allowed to make their own rules of evidence, discovery and procedure. Arbitration is an adversarial process, just as trial practice. Although typically less formal, arbitration can be an extremely effective tool for achieving desired results when it is properly utilized. Many times, the possibility of customizing the process to meet the needs of the case is overlooked and parties opt for the oversight of an organization such as AAA or JAMS. Arbitration can be an excellent tool for certain types of disputes, depending on the nature of the case, the parties involved and many other attributes which should be taken into consideration. Often, Arbitration is only thought of as a way for a corporate defendant to avoid large jury awards going against the company. Our advanced training has indicated otherwise, that arbitration can be a more effective tool than jury trial depending on variable factors. We have the skills to provide you with an arena for obtaining a more binding award, that is much less capable of being appealed, due to applicable federal laws. Arbitration is a discipline requiring significant training, in order to properly represent a party as an advocate, or, to serve as an Arbitrator panel member. Our attorneys have undergone advanced training beyond law school and law pracice to effectively perform arbitration tasks.

Med-Arb - is very seldom mentioned or proposed in litigated disputes, not because it is not effective. This is a unique approach to dispute resolution that few practitioners are trained to implement for their clients. The powerful combination of these two approaches to settlement are utilized as an alternative to trial. Let us explain the pros and cons to you and you will make the decision of whether to utilize this approach to resolution. We are skilled in providing a customized plan for any dispute that utilizes the best methods for concluding your case with a desired outcome. Tough trial law tactics are only one of the options available. It is only sensible to explore the best alternative to take for maximizing the outcome through settlement at the planning stage of your case.

It is a fact that most cases (over 90%) settle before reaching trial. In spite of the fact that each litigated case has unique circumstances, almost all cases will present a moment, which is sometimes brief, that is an optimal point in time that settlement can be achieved on terms favorable to our client's needs. Our keen awareness of how to create such a moment, recognize it and then take advantage of it to our client's benefit, is our strength.

Winning Without Excessive Costs

Our philosophy towards litigation is to win a successful outcome for our clients whether by going to trial or by a negotiated settlement. However, we are mindful that settlement opportunities may diminish when the pre-trial process becomes so expensive, that each side feels that there is no alternative to trial. Effective trial strategy requires making a calculated determination of how best to manage available resources to enhance the likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome for our clients, as early as possible in the litigation process, without forgoing a position of negotiating strength.

Understanding how to create the moment for settlement opportunity, recognizing when the moment occurs and then taking advantage of it is what distinguishes our law practice. Our goal is to recognize what a successful settlement is in terms of our client's personal and business needs. Ultimately, our goal is to manage our client's case with the same attention they would receive, if they were family members of one of our attorneys.

Unique Approach for Complex Cases

When the characteristics of a case and a desired result requires a unique blend of legal specialization, we will assist you with the best representation available for accomplishing your goals. In some circumstances, we will recommend forming a legal team efficiently combining talent amongst attorneys by dividing specific tasks, in order minimize costs to our clients while not sacrificing the quality of representation. We will not hesitate to go outside of the firm to obtain the talent we feel best serves the situation and which most effectively meets the client's needs and budget. Ultimately, our clients decide whether another attorney is added to the team. Also, it is our client's decision whether or not to settle their case. We will work diligently with our clients to help them make the right decision which meets their personal and business needs. Our job is to position the case to make it both possible and beneficial for our clients to win their cases by achieving their goals. Understanding our client's business and personal needs and goals is critical to success. Our devotion to this level of client focus is distinguished.

Law Practice Relationships

The Pursley Law Firm accepts referred cases from other attorneys who seek trial or pretrial assistance with planning, strategy, management or execution. Assistance with negotiated settlement strategy and planning in complex cases is also available through the Pursley Law Firm. We are able will assist or take a case over completely. Our primary concern is serving the client's interests.

Contact us anytime to ask a question, schedule an appointment or find out how we will custom design a mediation, arbitration or hybrid solution, for development of a sensible environment that enhances the likelihood of resolution to your dispute. You may set up an initial consultation, or, if you have legal counsel, have your attorney contact us by calling 713.893.0022 today.

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