Professional Liability

Allegations of fraud, malpractice, and negligence against professionals in business are taken very seriously when their careers may be at stake and they often have high powered and the most experienced attorneys they can afford, so isn't it important that you should also have highly qualified, experienced attorneys skilled in negotiation in and out of the court room. The Pursley Law Firm can provide not only lawyers with extensive experience in business law and professional liability or malpractice cases, but a network with other professionals for industry insight and expertise to assist your case.

When a professional is hired to provide services for a specific purpose, they are under an obligation whether by contract or verbal agreement to provide those services with due conscience to the best of their ability and to provide you the best service they are capable of providing. In particular, when working with an attorney, accountant, business or investment consultant, management, technology, or other resource consultants; they have a duty to provide the service you are paying for and their professional expertise. It is a serious problem if they either do not fully perform the service paid for or if they commit a form of fraud and malpractice by not performing any of the services paid for and a claim for breach of duty should be filed as soon as possible.

Two things are generally considered by the court in a malpractice or general liability case. The damages a client has suffered and the wrongs committed by the professional that is accused of causing them. Generally, the client should have suffered some amount of defined economic damages and that they are measurable in order for the case to be pursuable. The client must also be able to prove that the financial damages were directly caused by the professional's actions in some way. Breach of contract, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, fraud, theft, breach of fiduciary duty (meaning the client's best interest was not upheld), or violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act could all be probable reasons that must be shown for the cause of the client's damages.

When a professional has defrauded you, they intended to deceive you and there are multiple reasons for filing a claim of malpractice against them, whether an accountant, lawyer, technology consultant, or some other professional hired for their particular expertise. If you feel a professional you hired has taken advantage of you or caused serious damages then you need an attorney that can represent your best interests and fight for your rights and recovery of your loss. There are often time limits or a statute of limitations for filing claims of malpractice, so you should contact a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible if you think you might have a case.

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