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Houston Breach Of Contract Lawyers at The Pursley Law Firm have experience in all areas of contract law, including disputes involving "breach of contract". In addition to their extensive experience, The Pursley Law Firm has also built a cooperative network with other attorneys to be able to offer the best legal expertise in various areas in business. This network ensures that The Pursley Law Firm can represent you all over Texas, whether you are in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, or even El Paso.

Often in contract disputes, one party will accuse another party of not performing their duty fully under the terms of the contract. This type of dispute may be called a "breach of contract" and the party making the allegation can seek to have the contract enforced legally if there is a substantial amount of money at stake and may even be able to prove that financial harm was caused by the supposed breach in order to receive financial compensation. (Often if the financial stake is lower than $7500 then, the parties may seek a resolve in small claims court.) One or both of the parties involved may pursue enforcement of the contract in the court system, but find more usefulness with a mediator or arbitrator. The court will first determine the validity of the contract and once deemed valid, then the effort to resolve the dispute can proceed.

It will be determined that a breach of the contract has occurred only if certain conditions are met, which could be one of the following: one of the parties in the agreement some how makes it impossible for one of the other parties in the agreement of the contract to perform; one of the parties of the contract absolutely refuses to perform what they agreed to in the contract; or one of the parties in the contract does something that is against the agreement of the contract. Depending on the terms stated in the contract with the alleged breach, and whether the breach is determined to be "material" or "immaterial," there may be several types of remedies available for financial recovery and resolution. If stated in the contract or determined necessary by the court, the remedies may be: compensatory, consequential, incidental and foreseeable damages; liquidated damages; attorney fees and costs; punitive damages; or even cancellation and/or reformation of the contract.

If you are attempting to resolve a dispute for "breach of contract," it is advisable you retain the assistance of a lawyer that is experienced in contract law and contract dispute mediation and resolution. Stephen Pursley of The Pursley Law Firm has mediation training from the top institute in the U.S. Contact us for advice and to see if you have a case for "breach of contract."

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