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Resolving conflict on a voluntary basis for agreement by all parties through business negotiation and without the enforcement of law or the court system can be challenging, but there are many ways it can be accomplished. The Pursley Law Firm is lead by Stephen Pursley who has been trained and certified by the number one dispute resolution institution in the United States, the Straus Institute at Pepperdine School of Law. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be useful in all areas of conflict, whether legal, business, employment, family relational, or otherwise and has three main components. Negotiation, mediation and arbitration are the most often used categories of ADR. ADR can be more cost effective than pursuing a jury trial, it gives the parties some control in actually choosing who will help mediate their case, and offers more confidentiality than a court trial.

Negotiation requires voluntary participation and does not include a third party to facilitate or impose a resolution. An attempt to create beneficial outcomes for all parties by agreeing on a future course of action and bargaining for individual or collective advantages would be part of the negotiation process. Skilled negotiators may use a variety of techniques during the meetings to obtain a favorable outcome for the party they represent while attempting to convince the other party(s) that they have an equally favorable outcome.

Mediation involves a third party that should be viewed by all parties as impartial or objective and is referred to as the mediator. The mediator attempts to improve the communication between the conflicting parties and uses skills and techniques to bring each party to a compromise and agreement which may or may not be equally balanced. The mediator is not an advisor, but purely a facilitator that is trying to help each party understand the others dispute in the process of bringing them together for resolution. Mediation is a very useful tool that can prevent disputes from erupting into even bigger problems within corporations and organizations in addition to bringing resolution to parties that have already parted ways.

Arbitration is more commonly used for the resolution of commercial disputes; however, it can be used in almost any dispute resolution. It is differentiated from negotiation and mediation because the parties entering into arbitration agree to be bound by the final resolution decided upon by the arbitrator(s). Neither mediation nor negotiation is legally binding as with arbitration, even though arbitration is conducted outside the realm of the legal courts. Arbitration is often used in international disputes because many countries are more likely to enforce an arbitrator's final decision rather than a courts. Family, labor, consumer, and interstate disputes are also likely candidates for arbitration.

Whatever class of alternative dispute resolution you seek, The Pursley Law Firm has the experience and exceptional skills in mediation, negotiation and arbitration to see that you receive the best possible resolution for your conflict.

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