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It is important for the attorney's work to match their client's business objectives, needs, and tolerance for risks. At The Pursley Law Firm, we have experience representing clients at every stage of the investment cycle in the formation and acquisition of private equity. Whether you are a solid, stable company with a new business idea to test and check out or if you are a family owned and operated business looking to expand into new markets and regions, or looking to start up a new endeavor; we can meet your needs and advise you through every step of the legal process. As experienced business law attorneys, we can help you secure the private equity and capital formation for your business, even if you did not qualify for conventional business financing.

A well drafted business plan is essential in capital formation and we can help you draft one that will ensure compliance with any requirements of venture capital investors. Sometimes the overall structure needs to include stocks, shares, bank accounts, employee policies and management operations for the investors to act and commit to financing. Whatever it is, we'll make the adjustments you are comfortable with, but that can attract the investors attention. In a state like Texas with so many industries and areas of technology, it is essential to make the connections between the people with the ideas and the venture capitalists or angel investors, even ones that look for aggressive, high-risk, but short-term business ventures. The only benefit for all parties involved occurs when the financing for the business venture is secured and we work to make that happen. It may require many drafts and reviews or meetings, but the closing is what counts and makes everyone's goals possible.

It may be simple or well-negotiated, complicated documents, but The Pursley Law Firm will provide the most creative and effective business solution for you. We use a team approach and have an extensive legal and business network for the expertise that you need. Transactional business law is about individualizing the case and meeting all of the client's expectations, and concluding with a closed transaction and all capital provided. You may need a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), contract, shareholder agreement, or other organizational documents for the capital formation. These legal documents are essential to securing the capital your venture requires and safeguarding the transaction legally and protecting all parties involved. Since the PPM gives the entrepreneur(s) the opportunity to disclose all known risks to the investor(s), it can be an extremely complex document. In the use of a PPM, it is essential that a knowledgeable business law attorney review the document to ensure it complies with all state and federal regulations. Failure to have an attorney review your documents could have the potential for serious problems down the road, especially if you have any public offering in the event that you do not comply with all your state's securities regulations.

The Pursley Law Firm is the best team of knowledgeable, experienced, and networked attorneys for your capital formation needs.

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